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Hamster with open wound

Hi there,
I really hope you can help.
I have a male hamster that was given to me about 3-4 months ago, (I was told he was 2 years old), he is very sweet and never bites, his name is Peedy.
To make a long story short, Peedy has an open wound about the size of a nickel or a little bigger on his back left leg, on the under side.
I have taken him to the vet 3 times, once to emerg when the injury occured, once to have surgery to close the wound and a third time when two days after surgery the wound had reopened and become infected.
He is now on 2 different antibiotics and is living in a large rubbermaid bin with soft fabric bedding which I am changing daily BUT he won't stop licking the wound.
PLEASE PLEASE is there a way to get him to stop licking the leg? Can I make an E collar for a hamster?
He is eating and drinking and pooping and peeing, if the wound would just get a chance to heal I think he would be fine.
Thank you,
Sincerely for your help.
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You could  bandage the leg using a chew proof bandage material called elasticon.

I would be a bit worried about making an E-collar for your hamster because he could easily choke or become strangled if is is not made properly.
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