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Help! My 6 MO Ragdoll Kitten is having problems

Our vet thinks our kitten has FIP, and I was wondering if there is any treatments you know of to cure it? At the moment he is having trouble walking, he has stopped losing weight, but cannot gain anymore, and he has nasal congestion problems.

Also, when he gets an itch on his neck, he scratches it and his back legs move around wildly and he begins flopping all over the place. Is this because of a nerve? Or is he having a seizure? Should we take him to a vet immediately about this?
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There is no cure for FIP but there are ways to boost your cat's immune system to keep your cat healthy for a while.  Sadly however, it sounds as if your cat as a variety of FIP symptoms.

Please contact your cat's breeder to discuss these problems and the possibility of FIP. FIP can be spread from parents to offspring.  A reliable breeder would want to know,  and may have additional information about the feline parents that may help.

FIP can affect the brain and cause neurological problems as well as elevated temperature, lethargy, loss of appetite, and upper respiratory and eye infections, all the symptoms that your cat seems to have.

Symptomatic treatment to lower the temperature, stimulate the appetite, treat secondary bacterial invaders, fluid therapy and more will help with the symptoms.  So another trip to the vet with your cat may help.  Your vet can also determine if your cat is having seizures.

The following treatments will help with the immune system and have prolonged survival time in FIP infected cats:

Feline interferon Omega (available from the Virbac company)
Polyprenyl Immunostimulant (available from Sass & Sass company)

Your veterinarian should be able to prescribe these products, if advised.
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