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Help My dog's quick is eposed

Well my dog she broke her dewcraw 3 days ago and I took off the part that was broken It started to bleed but I used flour to stop the blood I let her foot sit in pexiode and cold water and put some antibiotc cream on it and wraped it for one nite I took the wrap off and let it get some air I haven't put the wrap on but I have been cleaning it every day and nite will she get an infection ?
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I think you are doing all you can to prevent an infection.  Dogs can fight off most things without too much trouble.  But how lucky is she that she has someone who cares that much.  I love hearing from people who obviously love their pets. Aren't those dew claws a pain, my little girl catches hers from time to time and hates me touching them.

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If she is eating, drinking, has a normal activity level, and if the dewclaw area doesn't have any pus or heat coming from it,  and if the dewclaw area is not swollen,  than she probably doesn't need any additional treatment.

Buy some quik stop or some septic sticks and keep in your medicine cabinet in case a similar problem occurs again.  Septic sticks contain silver nitrate so not only do they stop the bleeding but also septically cauterize the wound.  

Instead of using peroxide in the future use Betadyne or Nolvasan solution as a soak next time.  Peroxide is great for initial cleansing but Betadyne and Nolvasan can kill more germs.
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