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Home therapy *URGENT*

My dog's back legs have been paralyzed for almost a week now. She has some feeling in her toes (they twitch when you touch them), but she cannot walk. The vets only solution, after the steroids didn't work in relaxing the muscles enough to release the pinched nerve, was a 5,000 dollar surgery that is simply out of the question based on price alone. Since my family does not have the ability to stay home and help her get around they are giving her 1 more week to regain the use of her legs, if that does not happen she will be put down. Is there ANY kind of massage or home therapy that could even have the slightest potential of helping? I am desperate and will try anything.
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This is very sad and tragic to hear, I am sorry for what you and your dog are going through.
I am assuming this is due to a disk protrusion in the spinal column and if that is the case then surgery is the only option unfortunately. More importantly is the fact that neurosurgeons need to see these cases within 24 hours of paralysis or else the prognosis is not good.
I have heard of some patients improving with acupuncture however in those cases the condition was not as severe and it took months to see an improvement.
I am truely sorry I could not be of more help.
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Google IVDD (Intervertabral Disc/Disk) Disease......Daschunds are the # 1 breed of dog to be effected.....
First: 1 week is an unrealistic amount of time to expect a herniated disc to retract.....2 weeks is also unrealistic.....It's usually more like 4-6 weeks of STRICT cage rest & medications.....Steroids & Pain Management are normally used...

Next: If you have a Veterinary Teaching Hospital anywhere close to you, they offer the surgery at about half the cost of what you were quoted......They also accept "Care Credit" as a form of payment...You can apply online at Carecredit.com.......The first half of the cost has to be paid up front, the second half can be paid out.....There are 27 Teaching Hospitals in the US......

Acupuncture can be a god send..........To find a Holistic Vet in your area, visit the AHVMA webpage....There will be a search by state option.....I have two Disc Disease dogs that receive Acupuncture on a regular basis.....It works wonders......Yes, one of them has been Paralyzed & has had the surgery!

I too, am sorry that you & your girl are in this position......It's not necessary to have her put to sleep at such a young age......Paralyzed dogs can lead very happy lives without the use of their back legs......Most have to wear diapers & you must learn to express their bladders (In some cases), but with a wheel cart  they learn to get around beautifully.......

Please, read up on IVDD & maybe it will help you out......Good luck to you & your doggie...I'll be thinking about you both, Karla

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