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How to catch this feral cat

We have been successful in catching abbout 60 feral cats to spay/neuter, vaccinate and vet. However, this stray who wandered in my garage will not be caught. She is very skittish of us even though we try to spend time with her everyday. We have tried sardines, tuna, catnip, and kitty caviar in the live trap and even after withholding food she will not go into the trap. We have to open our garage door soon to get out our lawn mower. We don't want her to get loose because we do not want kittens! Any suggestions would be very welcome, as we are desperate! Thank you
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I think that Ireno has given you good information.  

If you don't have a fishing net your could use a very large bedspread and fling it over her Ala a giant Frisbee if you can get close enough.  Use a fairly heavy bedspread and hopefully she can't get out as easily.  You will only get one chance for this though.

I open this question to the public.  Anyone else with suggestions please post some answers.  Thanks!
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In my job I also have to go out on rescues to capture injured wildlife. A cormorant or hawk may be injured and unable to fly, but they can still move very fast. What we use are large fishing nets. We've also adapted some of the long handled variety by taking off the mesh and sewing on a large fabric "net" made from flannel. There's less chance of a talon getting caught in the mesh that way. Obviously you can't get close enough to grab the kitty but a long handled net might be enough to catch him and then you can transfer him to a carrier. I've caught up animals this way for years and it works.
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