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I think my Standard Poodle has a bladder infection

My 1 1/2 year old 50 lb female standard poodle has had her urine smelling like fish but some times like ammonia.  She acts fine, eats and drinks well.  The last few weeks she can't make it through the night with out urinating on the floor.  Now she can't make it for a few hours during the day with out going on the floor.  I have been giving her a homeopathic remedie for urinary tract infection along with a detoxifier twice daily.  Today I noticed a discharge, her urine seems to be darker but does not smell anymore.  Do you think she is getting worse?  Do you have any other homeopathic suggestions?  I really don't want to have her take antibiotics because of potential yeast problems.    
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Dog's are much more resistant to Candida Albicans than humans.  I have only seen Candida Albicans yeast once in 16 years of practice and that was in a dog's ear.

If you have ever had a urinary tract infection you know how annoying and painful they can be.  Please have a urinalysis performed on a fresh urine sample from your dog, and give her the appropriate antibiotic's prescribed by your vet.  

Give her a good probiotic at double a human dose while she is on the antibiotic to prevent a die off of beneficial gut bacteria
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Patty, The frequent urination suggests that the infection is getting worse. What started as a UTI can proceed into a Bladder or Kidney infection if left untreated. The discharge would indicate worsening condition, also. I think your safe (Against yeast) with a few rounds of antibiotics. The only time I've seen yeast problems arise is through extended use of antibiotics, maybe months....However, the yeast problem does not compare to a rapid spreading bacteria. If you are still concerned, you can give a Probiotic to replenish the good bacteria along with the antibiotic. She needs to see a Vet..I would have her urine cultured to make sure she gets the correct meds. for the particular bacteria. Easier to clear up that way. Good luck and I hope she gets better, soon.      Karla
P.S. I am not the Dr.  Just someone who has had sick dogs for years. I adopt them that way.....(The ones that no one else wants!)   :)              
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