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IBD - Predisonol


After one year of almost continual treatment my dog was diagnosed with IBD (Dog chrones type illness)

I am trying to reduce the steroid from 5mg X 2.  He has gained 1.5 kg in two months.  He has has all the antibiotics available.  The last dose of metronisodal six weeks.  He still takes a quarter of a tab of rantindin with each meal.

I reduced to 2.5 prednisonol X 2 for last week + the diareah started again last night.

How can he live like this, he is 18 months old.  He is squeezing through his little door to the garden, I cant watch it.  I mean I am getting a bigger door but what will the long term health/weight problems be?

He does really well when on an antibiotic, last time for six weeks.  I have contacted my vet, I have spent 2000 Euros in the last year which is 1/12th of my anual salary.  He is under the veterinary hospital at this stage.  He cant be the first dog with this I just want an answer.  Please any advice greatly appreciated.
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Has your dog been placed on a totally non-allergic diet?  In not please try one.  Tylan powder is effective for IBD if it is available in your country and is worth a try.  You can also try a hypoallergenic probiotic formula, and Psyllium husk powder.

There are several Chinese herbal formula's that are very effective for IBD and include:

1.  a. Great Saussurea Coptis (Da Xiang Lian Wan) acute phase for 1 month only than switch to:
     b. Xiang Lian San

2. Shen Ling Bai Zhu (For Chronic diarrhea in weaker patients, for long term use.

3. Red Back Door (Zhi Li Tang) Another acute phase formula

Try #1 combination first of:   Da Xiang Lian Wan for one month than switch to Xiang Lian San for long term.  If these are ineffective you can try the others.  All are available online.
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