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If a dog....

is supposedly in liver failure, would she be acting completely normal? She is very happy, eats and drinks well, barks, runs, and plays with my other dogs. Could her liver still be failing despite all of this? I personally think her last bout of pancreatitis is what caused her liver enzymes to be high, is that possible? Thanks!!!
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I am very happy that your dog is acting completely normal now!  Pancreatitis can cause a great insult to the liver.  If your dogs liver enzymes are elevated and that is the only sign than maybe the problem is just liver insufficiency and is reversable.  You can use liver protectant nutaceuticals such as Milk Thistle, Denosyl, Hepatic Support, Burdock Root, Dandelion and others.  If you use human products use 1/4 to 1/2 the human adult dose at the same frequency(once or twice or three times per day).  Do not use any medications that are known to damage the liver such as NSAIDS such as Rimadyl, Previcox, etc.
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Please check Dog Forum for Swollen Glands post 11/25. Have tried to post here but the question limit is reached even by the early morning hours. My dog has a very complicated issue. Could use your insight ASAP. Thank you. Johanna. (pheena)
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She is on phenobarbital for seizures, is that still ok? I know in long term use, its bad for the liver. She is on a fairly low dose. Thanks!
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Phenobarbitol does raise liver enzymes.  Infact,  it is one of the worst culprits.  Definately put her on the liver protectant nutraceuticals I have mentioned above.  
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