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Internal Medicine

PLEASE some one answer ASAP!!!!!!!! my 6week old Rottweiler fell off my balcony on to concrete platform when i was not looking. the balcony is 15foot high. not sure how she landed however i pressed her body all over and she did not cry so no part is broken, i gave her some sugar water and brought her back upstairs. she stood and walked about 20 feet pied and "had a dump" then walked back. now she dont want to walk she sits up on her two front legs but when trying to walk she cant. if she twists her back to bite her back legs she cries so its something wrong with her waist i think (no external damage bleeding or swelling....please advise.  
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Endorphine is correct.  This forum is not for emergencies.  Please take her to a vet or emergency veterinary hospital NOW!
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sounds like you should take her to the vet asap....she might have internal damage that you can't see.  i hope she feels better.
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Thank you all for answering.. after 24hr she started walking and as of today she is 100% back to normal..thank God...
The Vet said that she was traumatize and sore.  
now i am about to start her first deworming ...i am soo excited then at 2months she will be getting her firs shoots.. will keep you all updated.

Thanks a million.

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