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Kidney Disease & Cushings Disease


Hi...Next week. I am starting my beloved 9 yr. old mini Poodle Julie on Trilostane for confirmed Cushings Disease.           She is 14 lbs.now & never stops drinking water & has to go outside way too much. Her appetite is immense. All of this is so abnormal with her, along with her "pot belly" & she is very non energetic.
She was just diagnosed & I am very stressed about treatments. I know that I will never use Lisodren on her.  Trilostane will be my choice. My Vet says to start her on 15 mg. & ACHT test her at 10 days. I am not jumping into treatment until I am sure she will not die from it.
Today, I got another call from her Vet who said she has Kidney Disease. Her UTI test came back normal But the creatine & Protine in her urine is way too high>normal is 2...she is 8.
He said to put her on Hills KD food & that will help. She hates Hills food...it's nasty & dry & like sawdust. I must look into alternatives. Can anyone help me?? My Vet says there is no cooking food for her. Only Hills KD. Huh?? No way.
On 12/31/08, Julie started vomiting clear bile/water. Every time she drank more water she vomited. This went on from 4 pm to 8 pm. Than, without warning, she had a awful seizure.
My friends were here & we went to the ER vet. They kept her for 4 days with iv fluids & meds & no food at all. She had Pancreatitis.  She finally got alot better & came home.
They told me her tests show Cushings, Kidney problems & maybe liver damage & muscle & bone degeneration along with long term cronic lung & throat problems. It has progressed.    
She is doing okay. Her breathing isn't good...she always sounds very congested yet she survives that.
I am very upset about all of this. She is like another child of ours. We love her dearly, like you do your dogs.
Can anyone give me insight to whats going to happen with Julie?  Thank you

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Please view the information on the following website.  It is information about the false reasoning behind using low protein diets such as Hill's K/D for kidney disease. It also lists supplements and pretty much everything there is about kidney disease in dogs, and lists excellent commercial diets suitable for kidney disease.

I hope this helps!

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Thank you so much for your answer.  The site you sent me to is great yet so confusing.
There's so much to decipher through. I'll try.  Can I call on you again if need be??
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