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Leaking dog all the time now, even with Proin

My dog has had reacurent UTI's much of her life, she just completed Baytril. She is on Proin, and Sunday I started her on Proin 50 mg morning and night, she is still leaking all the time. I know she has a growth down toward the right of her stomach, I had two vets look at it, both said it was a fatty tumor. I don't know what else to look for. I don't have unending resources to spend on her.

Any thoughts on what could be going on?
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Sorry about your dog.  

Leaking constantly sounds like a more complex condition than just urinary incontinence, especially if the proin is insufficient to control the problem.  It may be a combination problem.  Such as urinary incontinence and urinary tract infection and kidney disease, or a bladder tumor.  It might be a good idea to have her kidney enzymes and her blood glucose checked through bloodwork to see if she also has chronic kidney disease or diabetes.  Diabetes could cause excessive urination as the body tries to eliminate the excess sugar through the urine, and the excess sugar in the bladder could cause increased urinary tract infections.   Of course, a urinalysis would also show glucose in the urine if she had diabetes.

Additionally, Baytril may not be the correct antibiotic for this most recent bout of infection.  She may need another antibiotic such as, Chloramphenicol.  Only a culture and sensitivity of the urine would be able to determine the correct antibiotic.  

Des is a steroid which is often used when Proin is ineffective.  Ask you vet if a therapeutic trial using Des would be valuable.

An ultrasound of her kidneys and bladder may give important information that could determine the cause of the constant dribbling.  She may have a mass in the bladder causing a decrease in the integrity of the urethra causing constant leaking.  

Lastly, the following may be helpful: a probiotic, cranberry capsules, and the Chinese herbal formulas: Eight Righteous Teapills (aka: Ba Zheng San Wan) and Leak Control,(both Chinese herbal formulas can be purchased online from Chinese Herbs Direct).  The probiotic and cranberry are widely available over the counter.  Your dog's dose would be approximately 1/2 of a human adult dose twice daily, but please check with your veterinary professional.

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