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Low Thyroid & Seizures ~ again

I first noticed my dog having a seizure back in Aug. Soon after doing this bloodwork, Chem, and T-4 test, my vet had my dog put on Levothyroxine Sodium 0.4 mg twice a day. He has since had two mild seizures, one Oct 8th and then again this morning, Oct 25, 2010. He has deep breathing, almost sounds like it is laborded breathing. My vet seems to feel that we have him on the correct dose since the last test done 30 days later showed he was at 2.9 ug/dL the range is on this test 0.9-3.9.
I noticed his head is warm a day or so prior to having a seizure, and he is always in REM sleep when he has these.
I have called my vet the last time as well as today, the last time he just felt my dog was on the right dose and there was nothing more we could do. Is there anything more that I should be doing for my dog?

Thank you  
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I would be glad to help you and discuss your dogs history, lab tests, diet, treats, environment and medications with you in detail.

If this is of interest please contact our veterinary office.

Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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My dog just had another seizure 3 hours later, I am taking him to the vet in just a minute. I will update what he does and finds out.
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I got my dog to the vet he suggested using Phenobarbital 1g for 45 days, then take him off of it for a month and see if he has any seizures. If he does have seizures, then we will go back to using this medication. He will stay of the thyroid medication the whole time.

He asked me if I had done anything different, all I could think of was I had given him some pumpkin, some canned dog food and some steak- no seasoning. We have also had some bad storms come though the past few days and he is frightend of these.

I asked the vet about his breathing, he said his lungs sound doog, but I still can hear him breathing- pretty loud.

I just wanted to post the updated information. If you have any other thoughts please post. I had written Dr. Jean Dodds and she suggested soem ideas, I can post if you want just have to find them. I have not tried anything yet, I am not knowlegable on the items she suggested.    

Thanks again~
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Phenobarbital 1g for 45 days, that was for twice a day ( 2g total)
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Okay, one more thing to add here. The vet noticed he has worms so we wormed him yesterday and the suckers came out alive- I did not expect that. I got it all cleaned up from the yard. But last night I read something on the internet from a vet that stated worms can cause seizures. I ask this as well because of some of his lab results had indicated he was starving. I know worms can take a lot of an animal if they are badly infested. Just adding more thoughts. Thanks. Sorry for add so much, just wanted to try and cover it all.
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I have a dog that has seizures. She was having them every four weeks or so. It is really a helpless feeling to watch and not be able to help much. So, I found a reference to using an ice pack on the neck and back of the head during the seizure. It seems to lessen the effect and duration (my vet says it has something to do with confusing the neuro transmissiona).

I also met a dog owner that has a similar problem. She had taken their dog off of food that contained corn, wheat and other grain. I did the same with dramatic results! The frequency is down to about every 6mos and looks like it may be phasing out all together... but look carefully as most commercially advertised products have grain in them. Also i always look at content... you will be amazed at how many chicken products the first item listed (therefore the primary item) is beef by products... so read the labels too...
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I thank you for passing that on to me. I had watched our dog die from seizure as a child, I recalled about using the cold on the neck, I have not used ice. I put my dog on natural Balance, but he really did not like it I am still mixing it itto his food because there are some added items that are helpful for our dogs. His thyroid is doing so much better- his hair is so nice and thick now. I am going to keephim on the anti seizure medication for one more month and then I will see how he is without it. He has not had any problems so far from being on it. I have added him a fresh bone to chew on at med day, my thinking is the calcium and other things in the bone will help him--I don't know, but he has been enjoying it. I used to give these to him all the time. What food are you using right now with your dog?
Thank you!!  
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I am currently using CANIDAE.  About 1.59 per can. First ingredients are chicken, chicken broth, lamb, liver then a whole bunch of other things, omega three, and lots of nutrition stuff... I have used others too but I settled on this as it does have some veggies in it too.
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