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Lump on 14 y/o cat close to hip joint

Hi, about 8 months ago, we discovered several lumps on the lower abdomen of my beautiful, energetic 12 y/o Siamese cat, Scully. They turned out to be mammary cancer. She had surgery to remove 6 out of 8 glands, and seemed to recover perfectly. But 2 months later, her legs swelled up terribly and the suture site became red; her appetite also disappeared. Antibiotics did nothing. Within a week, she had small red spots on her abdomen. A biopsy confirmed the spots were cancerous. She leaked a huge amount of liquid for several days from the biopsy site as the swelling in her legs went down. Two weeks later she wasn't eating and had no fur left on her abdomen - it was all a mass of lesions that alternated between crusting over and bleeding, and had started spreading up her chest and to her legs. We made the horrible decision to have her put to sleep. It was the worst thing I've ever had to do, and I've been thinking about her every day in the 4 1/2 months since.

Yesterday, I discovered a lump on her older "brother" Oreo, a 14 y/o Siamese. It is to the side of his abdomen, just inside the top of the hip joint. As soon as I felt it, I became filled with dread. I don't know how long the lump has been there, since he doesn't really like to be touched on his mid-abdomen. He has had a slight limp in his hind quarters off and on for around 5 months, but since it wasn't constant, we assumed that it was just his age and he was stiff from lying down. (He is a bit chubby, and has more of a typical cat physique than the usual Siamese.)

I do have an appointment tomorrow with my vet, but I'm wondering: is this likely to be cancer? I know now that mammary cancer is very bad in cats, but since Oreo is male, I guess it would have to be some other kind. And this may sound stupid, but if it is cancer, is there any chance that he could have been infected from cells that Scully shed when she became ulcerated? (I know some cancers in cats are contagious, or at least viral.) Please help.
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I am so sorry about Scully!  

There is no chance that Oreo could have gotten cancer from Scully.  If they had been littermates they may have had similar genes and could have a hereditary predisposition to some cancers theoretically.  But they are not littermates.  Mammary cancer does not have a viral component.

I do not know any male cats who have ever gotten mammary cancer.  However,  it could still be possible though extremely uncommon.  Go ahead and get the biopsy for Oreo, hopefully it will turn out to be benign.  

Sadly, by the time Scully had cancer surgery there must already have been metastasis throughout her body, and it was just a matter of time before it would have shown up.  Unfortunately her metastasis showed up within two months.

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