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Manx syndrome

i am with a rescue group for cats and recently we acquired a litter of mixed breed manx. some had tails and some did not. they were all very cute and were adopted immediately. One little girl is starting to have urinary problems. we have been contacted by the adoptee and we are all very upset. we were not aware of this syndrome until now. what is the best way to help this kitten????. we are talking about getting the xray to make sure nothing can be done surgically. Putting her down is not an option as we are a no kill rescue. can she live a pain free life??? is it possible to keep a cat/kitten in diapers??? is this just the beginning of problems???we are all very confused and upset and would appreciate any guidance!
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Hi...thanks for the great work you are doing trying to get pets into homes.

Here is a little more information about Manx Syndrome for you:  It's a long article, but this site does a nice job with genetic conditions:  http://www.messybeast.com/bobtail-cats.html.  Here's another good site as well:  http://fanciers.com/breed-faqs/manx-faq.html

If this is indeed Manx syndrome (or sacrocaudal dysgenesis), there really isn't much that can be done for the kitten.  She will also have the issue.   Diapers are an option if she will tolerate them and some owners learn to express the bladders of their cats.  Bladder infections and fecal incontinence are also potential problems.

I don't know if she is actually experiencing any pain, but because of her issues, she will likely need someone who is dedicated to understanding her special needs.
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