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My Dog Angus Died Today

At about 1:25am this morning, my was attempting to get the cats bowl off of the table in our kitchen and he collapsed, scared, yelping and howling in pain, I had fallen asleep on the couch and tried to help him up, thinking he may have had a seizure, he's 12, but he began to breathe poorly and his body locked up and he stopped breathing all together, I massaged and pushed on his chest while my wife called to him to get up, he convulsed a bit, twice, before he died right there...I can't describe the pain I feel right now. He had a good life and he was a wonderful dog, so good with our kids and they loved him, I feel like I didn't know how to help him, is there anything I could have done? We called the vet but he was expiring right there in front of us. I'm an old Army vet who knows CPR, combat life saver and I felt helpless...was there anything I could have done? Why did he die? We knew he was getting old and having a difficult time getting around but nothing prepares you for this...it hurts. My wife and kids are devastated too and it was tramatic for them to see him die.  
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Hi Jimmie:  

I am SO sorry to hear this.  I do know how you feel.  I've lost many pets, had to put many to sleep myself, and even horses which are really rough.  

Also by watching him go through a seizure like this in fact is very hard on you and your family.  I wish there was something that could have been done.  

We don't know why he seizured and could only guess.  CPR is done on animals and you can Google that.  

But in a very severe or catastrophic disease process it probably would not have helped.  

Recovering will take some time for you.  Your family should talk about it, share good memories, have a service etc.  There may be some grief counseling either in your town or I know there are plenty of articles online.  

I STILL hurt from putting my 10 year old Corgi down 2 years ago.  She was simply paralized, but normal in other ways.  I can not forget saying good bye.  

I hope the raw pain begins to decrease some, that slowly (it varies for everyone - but weeks to months) you begin to heal and know that your dog was luck to have you for 12 years and that you cared so much.  

My thoughts are with you and your family.  
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