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My cat is pulling his hair out and is very itchy

my cat has been very itchy for about 6 months and now he has started pulling his hair out within the past 2 weeks within 3 days he has pulled all the hair out on his side. He has no sores he is just very itchy ! I frontlined him 2 weeks ago thinking he might have a flea but he is still itchy. He is on the same food he has been on for yrs Nutro max. I have not given him a bath in at least 10 yrs and I am thinking that might be a good idea. please help I am not sure what to do for my little man.
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There are a number of possibilities for your cat's skin problem, I have listed the most common as follows:

1. Notodetes, Scabies, Cheytiella,  Demodex and other mites
2. Food Allergies: Food allergies can occur at any age and any of the ingredients that the cat has been exposed to at any time.
3. Flea Allergy Dermatitis.  Even with Frontline your cat could itch for 6 weeks from a single bite.  Frontline was only placed on two weeks ago.  Your cat could still be itchy for another month.
4. Fungal yeast infections, such as ringworm
5. Autoimmune disorders
6. Endocrine disorders
7. Behavioral problems

I think that you should take your cat to the vet for diagnosis.  The vet could perform skin scrapings (for mites), fungal assay (for ringworm), blood tests (for autoimmune disorders and to rule out the other possibilities, and more.

Treatments can be given, and some treatments are also diagnostic, for instance: If a steroid such as prednisolone is given to your cat, and he improves, than we can determine that it is not behavioral, or demodex, or food allergy.  Prednisolone helps with flea allergy dermatitis, and can help slightly for some of the others.  The only way to diagnose food allergy dermatitis is with a novel food trial.

The medication, Atopica is effective for all allergies, including food allergy in cats.
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