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My cat seems to be going on a diet?!?

Hello, I just got my cat Polo about 2 weeks ago.

He has been eating well, and we fed him twice a day but nowadays he doesn't seem to eat.  If I give him food in the morning, he wouldn't be finishing it until the next day or doesn't even finish it.  He weighed 11.7 pounds before, but now he is 10.8 lbs.  

He had vomited yesterday and more than a week before, but I heard that cats vomit a lot so I didn't worry too much about it.  However he hasn't been eating much for 2,3 days now and I am concerned.  I don't have much money so I wanted to see your answer before I go check on the vet if you think it is a serious case.

I would love to hear your answer.  Thank You :)
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Vomiting chronically is not normal.  Cats will vomit rarely when they get the occasional hairball, but it should not be more than once or twice per month.

Chronic vomiting can be caused by intestinal parasites, food allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, hyperthyroid disease and many other causes.  Additionally, cats who don't eat for any reason for more than one or two days are at risk for fatty liver disease.  

Therefore, it would be best to have your cat evaluated by a veterinarian.
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