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My cat's kidneys seems to be exploding

Maybe the title is not accurate, but I really don't know what's going on and I desperately need help.
Some time ago my cat had a bad injury in one of his legs caused by another cat in a fight. When I took him to the vet they pointed out his kidneys where 2 and even 3 times bigger, which could be caused by an infection or a kidney issue.

He received antibiotics and came home, his kidneys looked "normal" in a few days after the antibiotics and so we though it was okay. One day to the other my cats belly "exploded" literally . He had and abscess the vet didn't noticed  due to my cats fur.

it drained but my cat "kidneys" went swollen again, so that made it even clearer to me that it was due to an infection. Time went on, and my cat's kidneys would swell up and then go down again.

But here gets weird:
One day, what we  thought  it was one of the kidneys, exploded to, same as the abscess. Blood came out with some white matter. my cat had a hole in one side of  his back. He healed well and re-gain weight, but that side of this back never swelled again. We even thought it had been a dog bite because of the size of the wound. But he looked fine away from the other side of his back, which seemed swollen.

a few days ago, right in front of my eyes, at dinner time, my cat's back started to bleed and to drain this white matter, but this time it was the other side, "the second kidney". Same story now, all over again. My cat looks down and I'm afraid he might die.

I have no money, Vets here don't really seemed to be qualified and they costs a lot of money since only a check up is around 40 dollars and blood tests costs around 300 dollars ignoring anesthesia. As soon as I can I'll take him to the vet, but in the meantime:

Does anybody know what can be causing that? what can I do besides getting vet help? I don't think his kidneys had exploded, because by this time it should be dead if so could happen, but how dangerous could this be?
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This is a very unusual case.
The swelling kidneys sound like a condition called hydronephrosis. It can be brought on by and infection within the kidneys that obstruct the flow of fluid and essentially a fluid back up occurs. This could also be a kidney worm and that may be the white stuff you are describing.
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