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Nasal Allergies

My dog has had severe nasal allergies since May.  She has had congestion, runny nose, sneezing, wheezing, and what sounds phlegm in her throat.  The vet has prescribed an antihistamine and a steroid when necessary.  The antihistamine does not seem to be working anymore and we don't like to give the steroid unless necessary.  Can you tell me what other options are available?
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Even though this upper respiratory problem may have begun as an allergy it may have evolved into something more complex.  In addition to allergies there may be a secondary bacterial or fungal upper respiratory infection or canine asthma or chronic bronchitis.

It would be best to bring your dog back to the vet for a chest X-Ray to rule out asthma and/or bronchitis or even bronchopneumonia.  A culture and sensitivity of the nasal or tracheal secretions may also be necessary but acquiring a sample of these require sedation or anesthesia.

At the very least a course of antibiotics for a bacterial upper respiratory infection should be given as a therapeutic trial.  

Unfortunately antihistamines work poorly in many dogs with only varying rates of effectiveness.  But, Atopica is an alternative to steroids and antihistamines that is very effective for all types of allergies in dogs and my be a good additional choice for your dog.  Atopica can be used simultaneously with antibiotics, antifungals and steroids safely.
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