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Neck lump


My dog, Nugent, male Lab/Sheppard Mix, 8 years old.
3 1/2 weeks ago underwent surgery to remove 5 lipomas from belly, one lipoma was very large and grew around ribs. Vet spent some time to make sure he removed it all. Per vet, these were not canerous and were lipomas. Nugent recovered and was fine.
Fast for to Friday, May 9th. Came home and went to feed my 2 dogs. Noticed that Nugent had what appeared as "extra skin" hanging down from his neck under his collar. Upon feeling this I could feel possible enlarged glands. Phoned vet and since he was eating and not lathargic it was not an emergency. Now it is Sunday and his neck area still is enlarged, it has not increased in size and not sure if it has gone down, maybe a little. He is still acting well and eating.
Any ideas on what this is. Am I looking at the possibility of lymphoma?

Thank you so much I am very worried about my dog and will be bringing him to the doctor tomorrow evening.

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Sorry about the delay in writing.  Did your vet send any of the samples to a pathologist for analysis?  Lipomas and Liposarcomas and other dermal cancers can look and feel much the same.  You must bring Nugent in to the vet ASAP and have Fine Needle Aspirates or biopsies performed on the enlarged neck (sub-mandibular) lymph nodes, they could be enlarged due to inflammation or infection or lymphoma or other cancer.  

I hope it is nothing serious!  Good Luck
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Nugent saw the doctor last night. He was put on a course of antibiotics. No other lymph nodes are swollen except his left one by salivary gland. It seems like the lymph node has gone down a bit on its own. If there is not a good improvement by Thursday he will be getting the FNA. I will keep you posted.

Thank you!

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