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Need help with 6 months old vomiting

My lhasa apso puppy is vomitting for 4 days.   the frequency of vomit is  1-2 times. i  changed his diet to rice + yogurt. But that didnt stop him vomitting. From last 2 days, i stoped the food completely,  he is now just on water + iv fluids (around 250ml per day)  But he has stopped eating food and not playing but just sleeping.. we did his routine stool + hameogram, blood test, x-ray of adobmen, but all came normal.
My question is what can be the cause of vomitting.
He is completely off food for last 2 days but still vomitted today. i gave him chicken soup ( without chicken pieces)
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Puppies eat things they should not, as in toys etc..
If he is current on his vaccines then foreign body is likely.
An ultrasound or even endoscopy are your next step.
The endoscopy can rule out other issues like pyloric stenosis and retrieve foreign bodies sometimes.
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I did a ultra sound, it came normal too.
The frequency is once per day...  what diet shd i give him in this condition
my doctor advised, one egg white in morning  (at 8pm) and then 2 teaspoons of mashed rice+chicken every 4 hours from 11am- 9pm.
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is he lethargic too? if so I would get a bile test to test for liver shunts. If I had tested my dog 6 weeks ago when she had these symptoms she might not be lying in a coma in the hospital right now too sick to operate on.  My entire world would be much better. All dog owners whould routinely get tested for liver shunts.  Hope it all works out for you
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