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Overeating but weight loss

I lived in a granny flat on a property that houses two dogs and five cats (two of the cats are my own and live exclusively with me). About six months ago, my landlady adopted another cat whose owner was leaving town. Edward is about 2 years old and seems a bit depressed. My landlady's male cats were not neutered and became very territorial as they hit adolescence, marking all territory in sight. Edward has, on and off, lived with me - partly due, I think, to the other cats being territorial. They chase him and he has no friends. He is neutered. He is an affectionate cat but eats an inordinate amount - sometimes to the extent that he throws up. He will eat just about anything. He also drinks quite a bit of water (diabetes?). But for all Ed's eating, he seems to be losing weight. I am very concerned but as he is not my cat and I am not in a financial position to take him to a vet.
He also went through a sneezing episode for about two weeks recently but seems to have stopped sneezing.
What should I do?
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I does sound like diabetes to me, the excessive thirst, excessive eating and weight loss...
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