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PawCheck Home test for Diabetes

I tried a urine home-test to detect diabetes for pets, since my dog is kind of fat.  The test is really neat and easy to use, and the result came out negative.  The manufacturer recommends to check every 3 months; what are your thoughts?
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good job on being proactive. The home tests are quite accurate, they look for glucose within the urine and I would guess they are 99% accurate. Generally though we watch for clinical symptoms, specifically drinking and urinating more. By the time the glucose overrides the kidneys filtration system and shows up in the urine, your dog would be showing signs. More importantly, speak with your vet about weight loss strategies. Like in people, diabetes in pets can usuallybe prevented through maintaining a proper weight. Your dog will have more energy, arthritis will be less of a concern, even cancer rates are lower in lean dogs and cats.
Good luck.
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Thank you, I'll monitor these symptoms.  I try to give my dog some level of preventive care.  I use the home-tests in addition to the yearly checkup.
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