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Pawcheck home test?

Recently my dog has had a problem with urinating everywhere in the house, which is not normal. I purchased a Pawcheck home test and the results came out positive, which makes me believe its trued due to his symptoms. Has anyone else used Pawcheck? Is it accurate?
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I myself did not even know this product existed however likely it is similar to the urine dipstick tests veterinarians and physicians use to detect red and white blood cells in the urine. These dipstick tests are very accurate and very inexpensive to create so we can assume pawcheck is a similar product. Regardless of the answer, you need to have your dog assessed by a vet asap. Frequent urination (known as pollakiuria) can be due to a bladder or kidney infection, bladder or kidney stones, diabetes, other hormonal conditions, and lastly behavioural. Several of these conditions can be extremely dangerous if left untreated. Do not attempt to treat a behavioural issue and plan to go to the vet of the treatment does not work. bladder infections, being the most common and least severe of the above medical conditions, is still potentially dangerous as the bacteria can ascend up the ereters and into the kidneys and cause irreperable kidney damage. Bladder infections also hurt...a lot! Early detection and intervention is key so put away the home test and let an expert help you take care of your furry family member.
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