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I have a 5-6 y/o Pomeranium  and wonder if you could tell me why she scratches all the time. She does not have fleas. She also likes to lick between her back paws on her stomach side and only been doing this for a month or two and I have had her approximately 4 years. Help! Please.

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There are many causes for itching.  I have listed some of the most common follows:

External Parasites: fleas or flea allergy, scabies, demodex
Poison Ivy (dogs can get it too)
Ringworm or other fungal infection (such as doggy athlete's foot)
Allergies to something environmental or food
Endocrine disorders

Allergies top my list.  Although, youprobably would have noticed itching in the past if it was an allergy to something in the environment.  Food allergies however, can occur anytime in the dog's life and can be to any ingredient in her food, even foods that she has eaten all her life.

I mentioned flea allergy above.  If your dog has a flea allergy you may never see a flea.  A flea can bite her, than jump off and she could itch for a month afterward.

You should of course take her to the vet to find the cause,  and for treatment.  Don't wait too long, because the longer your dog continues to scratch and bite herself,  the more chance she has to break the integrity of her skin, allowing in bacteria and yeast which can become secondary factors that must also be treated.
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