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Previous Top Left Molar Extraction

I purchased the stallion last yr. and was informed he had suffered tooth (molar) abscess/s and as a result had at least one top left molar removed by a veternarian when he was younger.  It's been at least 2 yrs. since the extraction.  However, the left side bridge of his nose is still swollen or appears to have a rather large bump that I was told was there since the extraction.  Sometimes it swells even bigger and other times subsides; but, never goes away.  Can this be a common theme regarding extrations?

The stallion has a very good apitite and is in good physical condition despite of the intermittant swelling from time to time.  I'm wondering why the bump is still there after these years?

Thank you for taking the time to read and respond to my question.
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  If your horse is only 3 and the tooth was extracted at 1 year of age (2 years ago), the tooth would have been a deciduous premolar as molars are not present at that age and all cheek teeth would be deciduous teeth (primary or baby teeth).  My concern would be some type of osteitis of the facial bone that can occur in young horses that is a normal situation.    

As far as extractions on older horses, it is not abnormal for there to be an enlarged area above the tooth IF the tooth was repelled by opening the sinus cavity from the outside as some boney enlargement from the flap of bone made into the sinus would be expected.  However, the swelling should not increase and decrease so my concern is that there could be a sinus infection present or problems with an adjacent tooth.  I would rec. have your vet x-ray the area to check other teeth and the sinus cavity.  Also, a thorough dental exam with a speculum under sedation is required.
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