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Rectal Infection


Recently found infestation of tinea moth larvae on house carpet.  Worried that these could infect my dog.  My concern is, as dog lays on the carpet, these larvae could crawl in to the rectum and cause problems.

Can these sort of moth larvae survive in a dogs rectum long enough to cause damage?  Is there enough oxygen in a dogs rectum to sustain the life of these creatures, or would lack of oxygen kill them instantly?

Many thanks.
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Good evening modern...I have to say that this is one of the most interesting questions I have come across on this forum...

From my brief research, I don't think you need to worry about these moth larvae deciding to live in your dog's rectum.   Is there some reason that you believe these larva are invading your pet's rectum?

If you are seeing some sort of "larva", it is more likely that you are seeing tapeworm segments and not the moth larvae
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Hi, thanks for your reply.

Basically I'm worried as there is an area behind the couch where the dog sleeps, that there was an infestation of these moth larvae.

I'm concerned due to this they could have inadvertently made there way into dog's rectum and maybe attack the rectal tissue.

I'm not sure though if the dogs rectum is an aerobic environment for these creatures to exist and cause harm.  Is the rectum in a dog oxygenated well enough for these kind of parasites to exist?

I appreciate your expertise.

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