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My 15 year old dog, Flower, has had issues with Athritis for quite some time, although she was never officially tested for it. I'm 51, and she moves kind of like I do in the morning. About two weeks ago, when we got up in the morning, she was behind me, & got her usual running start to get up the stairs. When she got to the top, It seemed that she had no control of what her body was doing. Her legs seemed to be very rigid, and she was unable to get up. I took her to the vet, he did a physical examination on Flower, gave her an injection of steroids and said to increase her asprin dosage to (3) per day, instead of (2), which I had been giving her for the last (6) months, as he recommended for the arthritis issues. She seems to be drinking alot of water, which she always has, but she wont eat her regular food. I've tried alittle variety of the more expensive brands of dog food, but she does'nt want any of them. I've mixed in some meats, and she will pick out the "people" food, but wont eat the dry food. I had a friend recommend giving her baby food, so I tried to get her to eat that,( chicken & rice ) and she looked at me like I was crazy. I tasted it, & I don't blame her on that one. I just don't know what to do! I've had Flower since she was 6 weeks old, she's my baby. I have no income, but I can't bear to see her suffer! HELP ME PLEASE?! Any ideas, opinions or suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED! Sincerely, Laurie, Flower & Bruno
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I am sorry about Flower.

Seizures in a geriatric dog who has never had a seizure before can be caused by metabolic and other diseases,  and sadly they can also be due brain cancer or brain lesions.

Strokes in dogs (idiopathic vestibular disease of geriatric dogs) are usually problems of the "balancing" organs of the inner ear.  If she has this syndrome she may not be interested in eating because inner ear problems do cause nausea.

Metabolic and infectious diseases can be diagnosed with blood and other lab-work.  It really would be best to have these performed.  Once a diagnosis is made appropriate treatment can be given.  

Can you apply for Care Credit?  Care Credit is a low to no interest credit card that can only be used for vet or medical bills.  It might be worth trying to get a Care Credit credit card so that the lab work can be performed.  You can apply at your vets office or online.

If Flower's problem is due to a seizure from a brain tumor, then the vet might be able to treat the inflammation with steroid therapy, which is inexpensive.  You would have to take her off the aspirin if she is on steroids.

If the problem is due to vestibular disease,  anti-nausea medication can be given which may improve her appetite.  There are prescription anti-nausea products available by your vet.  I will also list two over the counter anti-nausea products.

Over the counter products for nausea may help until you can afford further diagnostics, or prescription medications.  These include:

1.  Ginger capsules.  These are excellent for nausea and are available in many drug stores or health food stores.  Her dose is 4 capsules 4 times daily.
2.  Dramamine, which is a motion sickness medication.  She can have 1/2 a human adult dose as listed on the box.

Lastly, Aspirin may cause gastrointestinal irritation which may be adding to her inappetance, especially since you increased the dose.  You could try eliminating this for a short time and see if that helps.  

Please ask your vet about the Aspirin, Care Credit,  and the possible use of Dramamine and Ginger.
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Thank You SO MUCH, for taking the time to answer my question, I am truely grateful for your time, advice and the SELFLESS SERVICE that you're doing for people and their pets! I have done some volunteer work at a free spay and neuter clinic, a very worthwhile and rewarding cause. But... since I've gotten your attention, I'd like to ask you something else about Flower & aspirin. The vet started her on aspirin, 2x per day, to help with her arthritis. Is'nt there something else I can give her? I do give her 250mg (x1) of Milk thistle per day for her Liver enzymes, which seems to have helped with that situation. So, ANY advice or suggestions you may have is appreciated more than you know. Sincerely, Laurie

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