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Scabs behind the ears
My cat was developed scabs behind her ears, so far, thats all they are. I was coming home from a trip when I saw a open scabby wound behind her ear, I put it off as a play or fight with another cat but then another one was coming behind the other ear!
Thank you very much for your time
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Dear P-c,

The skin has limited ways with which to respond to inflammation, typically with redness, hair loss or both. Both of these can be related to any number of processes that lead to inflammation. Development of inflammation for many reasons may cause itchiness (pruritis). In diagnosing the cause of a skin problem, it helps to know if the pet is itchy and that itchiness has led to self trauma (i.e. scratching) or if the pet is not an dthe changes seen are unrelated to self trauma.

That said, a barn cat with scabby ears may well have ear mites, a microscopic parasite which causes itchy ears, scratching and self trauma and scabs result from the self trauma.

Do see you doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Very best regards and good luck!


Arnold L. Goldman DVM, MS
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