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Seizure today

Last night I was 45 minutes late to giving my dog the phenbarbatol ( sp), and his thyroid medication. This morning he had a mild seizure, first one that I am awear of since 3 months. Could being late have caused it this morning?
I added a quarter more medication today to each of his dose ( twice a day). I called the vet and they want to recheck his blood levels, which I will do next week. Also he is over weight and I am trying to lower his weight, I would like to know is this safe to do or will this cause a problem with his medications? I used to use Science diet light, but some of the things listed on the package make me wonder if this is safe for him, what are your thoughts on all of this?  Thank you.    
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Checking his phenobarb level is a very good idea. Your vet may add potassium bromide as an adjunctive therapy.  

The Chinese herbal formulas: Ding Xian Wan or the combination of: Long Dan Xie Gan Tang and Di Tan Tang are also helpful adjuncts in the medical arsenal for seizures.

A grain free, Atkins type diet may help your dog to lose weight more efficiently:  Evo/Innova, Wellness, Natures Variety, Merrick's, and Spots Stew are some helpful choices.  Each of these brands also make a grained variety.  Read the label and make sure you choose grain-free.
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I wish I could afford some of the foods you suggested, but I have three large dogs and with two ill dogs and tons of vet bills, it's just hard to do everything for them. I did locate how many calories were in the food I was giving my dog, it had 489 per cup, that was up from the last food I gave him that was 295 per cup. I am now combining these tow foods so he can adjust slowly to losing weight. He seems to be very hungry so I don't know which he needs more of the thyroid of the phenobarb.

I would like to know do you think I should go on and get his levels check now or waite till I get some weight off of him?

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