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I rescued a puppy several years ago. I took my dog for a walk after a horrible storm and we stumbled upon  a dog of an unknown breed. I managed to rescue the dog and my mom kept her. Friday, Dingo (the rescued dog) was outside while mom was at work. Mom came home during a pretty bad storm that actually brought tornadoes to surrounding areas.  A little while later, Dingo had her first seizure. She continued to have them, 2 hours apart, until about 12 or 1 am Sunday morning. Ever since the seizures ended, Dingo has been behaving very similarly to the way she did in the weeks proceeding her rescue. She is very jumpy and nervous around everyone, even those who have been caring for her for the past 6 years. She has always reacted strongly to storms. Almost as if she is having a panic attack.

My question is this: is it possible for emotional trauma to result in seizures in a small dog? Could the stress of being caught out in a storm have triggered memories from the night I found her and resulted in seizures?
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Emotional trauma can cause a seizure-like syndrome, much like post-traumatic stress syndrome.

Are you sure that Dingo was actually having seizures?  Other problems,  such as severe anxiety attacks, and Syncope (fainting due to heart disease),  can mimic seizures.

Seizures can be caused by many pre-existing conditions including: metabolic diseases, infectious diseases, brain masses, head trauma, toxins and chemicals, and idiopathic causes,  and others.

If your dog has a seizure disorder from one of the causes I have listed above, the seizures can be brought on by changes in the environment such as storms,  in susceptible individuals.

It is important to have Dingo examined and tested to establish if she does have a seizure disorder, or heart disease, etc., and if she does have a seizure disorder, it would be best to find out what the pre-existing cause is, and treat it appropriately, if possible.  

For Dingo's own good she should probably be treated for the seizures and/or the anxiety.  Many seizure medications also do help with anxiety.
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