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My dog recently underwent heartworm treatment with Immiticide. He received 1 shot on June 15th, then on July 15th he received another shot, followed by a 2nd on on July 16th. The first month, he also took an antibiotic each day and 10 mg prednisone every 48 hours. During the second month, he continue the prednisone every 48 hours. He has done fine and has been restricted from major activity, other than going out to the bathroom. He is eating/drinking okay and has had normal bowel movements, etc. 2 days ago, he started trembling non-stop and would whine as if he was hurt when he moved his legs...he would often stand very still and not move and was hard to get to lay down or sit. He would also begin panting while shaking. He appeared okay yesterday morning, but started it again by evening. It seems to come and go. Any help on what might be going on is appreciated.
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It sounds like your dog is having a rough summer! At this point it is not likely that your dog's problems are related to the heartworms or heartworm treatment. I would suspect that something else is going on--the problem could be related to an infection with another organism, a musculoskeletal problem, a neurologic disease, trauma, or a multitude of other causes. I would strongly recommend you have your dog checked by your veterinarian. He or she will be most familiar with your dog's history and can do a thorough physical to determine what is going on now. The best of luck!
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