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Soft Stool

Hi All,

Here's an update on the stray I took in.  He's updated w/ all his shots, neutered dewormed, micro-chipped, etc.  However, he's still having some trouble using the litter box, he urinate standing up and sometimes he completely misses the liter box and I have more then one for him to use (hehehe - we gotta work on that).

My question is his stool is very soft, not diarrhea just very soft.  Within a week he has had several shots, neutered, dewormed and micro-chipped.  I took him in on a Wednesday and then took him to the vet the next day so I'm not sure if his stool was soft before hand.  My 7 year old cat as a percaution received the same shots on the same day and her stool isnt soft.  Can this be a side effect of all the shots and pain med's he's been on?

His appetiate is VERY HARDY so we dont have any issues with him eating or drinking and he plays 24/7.

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Have you had any fecal tests done?  He should have a fecal centrifugation and giardia test done.  The dewormer may not have treated everything.

It could also be due to stress or to the food being new to him.  Your veterinarian may be able to prescribe some probiotics or some special food to help the problem resolve.  Canned pumpkin may help as well by adding fiber to the diet.

Talk to your vet about the problem.  They should be able to help you work it through.   Sounds like this kitty got lucky and found a good home.

Judy Karnia, DVM
Scottsdale Cat Clinic
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