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Soft lump on dog's leg

Hi I have a question about my dog Angelique.  2 days ago I noticed a soft lump on the inside of one of her legs. When I touched it it was soft and moved around. It did not seem to hurt her when I touched it. She is a little overweight. I read up on the internet about soft lump and I read it  possibly afatty tumor. Is it true that fatty tumors are harmless and nothing to be worried about and does it sound like that might possibly be what my dog has? She is eating normal, runs around alot is pretty active lots of energy. Her fecal matter looks normal. I just want to know if this  something I should be worried about or what it could be? Also are there any other symptoms I should watch out for? Thanks for any advice and have a great day:)
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The soft lump on your dogs leg may be a fatty tumor, referred to as a Lipoma.

Canine lipomas are a harmless, benign overgrowth of fat cells which are easily diagnosed by your vet with a simple aspiration cytology. This procedure generally requires less than 5 minutes to perform and diagnose.
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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Thanks so much for your advice I appreciate it. I was thinking the same thing but just wanted to get a vet's opinion to feel better. Have a good day:)
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