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Spayed female dog peeing blood.

   My spayed female dachshund has been peeing blood off and on for the last two days.one time it will be normal pee and the next it will be heavy blood. She has had urinary track infections in the past but the blood has never been so heavy.she eats and drinks and acts as if nothings wrong.she is up to date on her shots and just had a wellness check up two weeks ago and she was healthy.what is wrong with her?
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Sorry about the delay in writing.  I have had software problems since the latest update by medhelp.  I hope you have taken your dog to the vet by now, but if you have not this is what I would suggest:

1.  Bring urine to your vet and have it analysed for a urinary tract infection.
2. If your dogs has been treated unsuccessfully for a urinary tract infection than a culture and sensitivity should be performed on sterile urine.  The urine should be obtained by cystocentesis, or catherization since a free catch urine can be contaminated with bacteria on the surface of the vulva.
4.  An X-Ray of your dog's bladder should be taken to check for bladder stones.  If bladder stones are found than she will have to have surgery to remove them.
3.  If there are no bladder stones,  and while waiting for the culture and sensitivity to come back a good broad spectum antibiotic should be taken.

Additional possibilities include a uterine stump infection,  vaginal infection, kidney infection, among less likely possibilities.
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Please call your vet NOW!
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It can be a bad urinary track infection again.  However, I would definitely get her to the vet.
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