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Spotting after spaying

My dog has had intermittent vaginal spotting ever since being spayed 5 years ago.  Sometimes it is monthly and sometimes the intervals are somwhat longer.  The "spotting" leaves multiple lightish-bloody spots the size of a silver dollar on my bedding.  Interesting the spotting has the odor of human menstrual blood. She is as healthy as can be.  Everyone, the breeder, vet, etc., thinks I am nuts, say they never heard of such a thing.  I feel like cutting the fresh stains out of my sheets and taking the fabric to the vet;except I don't want to cut up my sheets. Since she has been so healthy for so many years with this ongoing spotting; I can only assume it is benign.  What do you think?
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Hi have a blood level checked for Estrogen to help determined whether or not some ovarian tissue was left behind when she was spayed which is causing this spotting issue.
Dr Carol Osborne, DVM
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My Pleasure
Dr Carol
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