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Stuffy Nose relief for kitten?

I have been to the vet, she's been on anti-biotics for 3 weeks, but I simply can not get rid of my 4 month old kitten's stuffy nose. I need some serious help. My poor baby can't breathe. I talk to my vet twice a week, and the most recent thing he wanted to do was "test the stuff that comes out of her nose". I just want this silly thing to go away.
Any ideas? Please.
P.S. A humidifier did not help...
Can I give her ANY sort of children's medicine for stuffy noses?
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A culture and sensitivity would probably be a good idea.

The only thing that you can do for your kitten's stuffy nose is to use a baby bulb syringe and gently syringe out the discharge from her nostrils using the rubber tip a few times per day.

It is also possible that your cat has feline herpes virus, or a combination of herpes virus and secondary bacterial upper respiratory infection.  Your vet can put your cat on the amino acid Lysine in a powdered or liquid form which helps greatly with herpes infections.  

If your vet does not have Lysine in stock, it is available at health food stores or online in tablet form.  The dose for your kitten would be 250mg orally, twice per day.  It is very safe.
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