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Sudden Death

My dog Molson suddenly died 2 days ago, she was a very healthy active dog with no prior symptoms of illness, she was running by the truck like she always does not too close and my mom who was driving at approximatley 10km/hr heard a yelp and looked in the back of the truck and the other dogs where fine so she stopped and Molson was lying on the grass a few feet away on her side mom looked at her and said her face and eyes looked funny and she bit her hand but not like a bit more like a reach out type of grab so she ran to the house to get a car to take her to the vet and by the time she got back Molson was completley gone so from the time she yelped till the time she died was under 5 minutes, do you have any idea what would of cause this? SHe is my best friend I don't know what I well do without her!
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It appears she was run over by the car.  That would be the most logical explanation.  Another would be some sort of stress related issue like a stroke or heart attack.  

we are so sorry this happened.  Our thoughts are with you.
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I can tell you that her death was not related to the vehicle at all she was not run over nor was she hit by the truck!! I believe it would have had to be some sort of health issue, people have said aneurysm or maybe blood clot would probably more so than a heart problem, as she had no previous symptoms and has been very healthy and active her whole life!!
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I too am very sorry for your loss.   Anytime we lose a pet, especially one that is apparently healthy and wheneve it happens suddenly, its certainly a shock.

Did you have a necropsy done on her? (An animal autopsy).  That could have shed some light on the cause of her death.

Any other comments that we might make would be nothing more than guesses at this point in time.   You mentioned that she was a healthy active dog...when was her last veterinary visit?
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