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Teeth are rotting out?
So my dog Freckles has a horrible teeth problem. Just over a year ago my dogs tooth really noticed to be rotting and it had an AWFUL smell. So i took him to the dentist and they pulled out 13 of his teeth. They explained that he had some sort of disease that ate at his teeth from the root and by the time you could see it, it tooth was a goner..? So they told me that most definitely in a year he will need more teeth pulled. I am just trying to figure out how I can slow this process down or maybe stop it? My vet wasn't much help on this part.. I just don't have him to not have any teeth.. I feel bad for the poor dog.
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I applaud you for taking your dog to the veterinarian for this procedure.  It's much better to be without a tooth than have a painful tooth.  The bite strength is in the jaw not the tooth.  Your dog will still be able to eat hard food (after healing) if no teeth remain in the mouth - AND he will have much less pain than with those painful teeth.

It's likely a disease causing oral resorptive lesions.  Known as FORL in cats and stomatitis in both dogs and cats.  It's cause is unknown - not for trying, though!  Researchers for at least 10 years (probably more like 30 yrs) have been trying to find the cause and there are no conclusive answers.

Basically something happens to damage the tooth and a secondary bacterial infection occurs within the gums and continues to rot the tooth as well as the surrounding tissue.  Antibiotics don't fix it, but are needed additionally.  Only taking out the tooth (teeth) affected, will resolve the problem.  

In the meantime, it is possible to delay the gum issue (which doesn't resolve the tooth root/tooth pain problem) with some types of veterinary Rx "mouthwashes" or rinses.  The best I've found is Oxyfresh.  MaxiGuard Oral Gel helps, too,but have a citrus taste that pets may not like.  Do NOT use a product containing chlorahexidine, as it will stain the teeth eventually.

Please have your dog seen by your veterinarian again.  Yes, more teeth will likely be extracted, but the loss of a painful tooth is a loss of pain.

Surely your dog doesn't show much pain, but they are good at hiding it.  Many many pet owners have told me their dog doesn't seem in pain, but EVERY pet owner after extractions has told me (without asking/prompting) that their dog is so much more like a puppy since the extraction.

I applaud your concern for your dog.
Dr. Jen
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