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Tumor on her knee

My 14 yr old poodle has a lump on her knee. I took her to the vet and I was told that it was a tumor. On March 15, 2012 when I took her it was as big as a golf ball, and since them it has grown as big as a baseball. Her vet informed me since she is so old he did not feel confident to do the surgery to remove it. She shows no symptoms of pain but she does look very uncomfortable. People tell me I should put her to sleep, but I am not ready and I don.t think she is either. She drinks water and eats. Please help me to make the best decision for my beloved pet. Thank Karina
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Hi Karina,
I am glad you contacted me, making this decision can be tough and you need to make sure you have all the relevant information first. Cancer is the most common disease in older dogs however many masses arent tumours and many tumours arent cancerous. How does your vet know it is a tumour? Have any tests been performed? We cant assume that just because your dog is 14 that a cure isnt possible.
I would recommend as a minimum a second opinion. At the least a non-surgical biopsy called a fine needle aspirate should be performed. This test is painless and most of the time tells us exactly what the mass is and then plans can be made from there.
Even if the results come back as an aggressive tumour not responsive to surgery, saying goodbye may be premature. Even if your dog is in pain, if she is eating and still enjoys a scratch behind the ear then she is not suffering and keeping her with you and spoiling her rotten would not be a bad idea.
Let me know of any more info you have but it sounds like you are right to want more information before making such a permanent decision.
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