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Unknown Problem please help....

I have a Cavalier King Charles about a month ago he has had leaks, threw up, barely eats, recently threw up a solid brown mass, and is restless. I got blood work, xrays, and CT-scans done, but everything came out negative for any thing wrong...I also went to 3 different vets and they are also clueless on what is the cause, and I was hoping someone out there would know..The vets prescribed nausea medicine and even steroids but nothing seem to be working, and today he collapsed when he was peeing...

Thanks for any help,
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It sounds as if you have had quite an extensive work-up for your dog with many veterinarians already!  

This is a difficult case, but I will offer suggestions.

If your dog has not been tested for Cushing's syndrome, Addison's disease, chronic pancreatitis, or a liver shunt,  it might be a good idea to test for these, as well as having an abdominal ultrasound (if not yet performed).  Acute collapse could also be due to a heart problem.  Has he had an echocardiogram?  If not, he probably should have one.

The congenital disease, Syringomyelia, and other neck and brain diseases common in the breed have been ruled out with the CT scan since you listed that they are all normal.  This is positive at least.

Lastly,  please have your vet (or yourself) contact the breeder to try to find out if there are any congenital problems in the breed line even if these problems were generations back.  This may take some detective work and finesse unless the breeder is unusually forthcoming.   Please keep us informed!
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