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West Highland White Terrier at a diagnosis loss

First of all, I have fully read and understood the post about what to do in a pet emergency. Sadly, I had already followed its advice -go tell your vet- with no result. I have already taken my Westie to vets in Castellón and Valencia, two Spanish cities, and none have been able to diagnose her illness, let alone suggest a treatment.

She is a 10-year-old West Highland White Terrier, with pedigree certificate. She is hyperglucemic, and gets treated with insulin. A week and a half ago she began refusing to get up from her lying position. She moves her head and tail, but none of her legs. She also goes trough HYPOglycemic episodes at midday, thus ranging from over 200 mg/100 ml (about 11mM if my calculations are right) down to 55 mg/100 ml (about 3 mM, I think). I feel I have quite a right reason to be worried.

Vets in my area just run scores and scores of tests for hyper- and hypoglycemia, and their diagnosis tends to look like "it's something sugar-related".

Again, my apologies for running an emegercy issue in this forum, but I fear I'm running out of options.
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She may have diabetic neuropathy, which occurs in diabetic pets who are not well controlled with insulin.  It could also be unrelated to diabetes and may be intervertebral disk disease.

Does she have any other problems that you know of?

What kind of insulin do you use?

Have your vets performed X-Rays?

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