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Wet food for male cats

I adopted 2 male cats approximtely 1.5 years old.  I was told by a vet to feed them dry food along with 1 can of wet food each day to provide additional liguid  to maintain their urinary health.

I have tried at least 6 different wet cat foods but they lick out the liquid and leave the rest.  This week, I tried mixing some canned no fat, low salt chicken broth in with their regular dry food.  They lick it right up.  I also give them dry food alone.  They drink very little plain water.

Is the chicken broth safe for them?  Are there any cons to giving it to them?  Should I mix in some no fat, no salt dry chicken broth granules in with the canned broth to cut the salt even further?  Thanks.
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Some cats just don't like wet food. though it is really best for their urinary health since cats derive the bulk of their water intake from their food.  Chicken broth is perfectly safe for them.  Dry chicken broth granules are not necessary.  You can use salt free, or low salt, low fat chicken broth.
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