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What can i do to help him gain weight

My Male Bengal is 4.2 pound at 7 months old. we took him into the vet and got him de-clawed, blood tested, a fecal exam, HCM test, FelV test and an FIV test. Everything is fine but he's not gaining weight like i need him too. He has constant access to hard food and we feed them wet food once a day  (EVO) I have him eating chicken, pea's and oranges boiled together in a chicken broth but it doesnt seem to be working he's still skin and bones. Theirs gotta be something i can do?

Oh i forgot to mention that we did just get him about 2 weeks ago from the breeder.
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Since internal (gastrointestinal) parasites are shed in the feces intermittently your cat may still have some undetectable GI parasites.  Sometimes multiple fecal tests must be performed before finding parasites.  Additionally, tape-worms are notoriously difficult to find in a fecal exam.  Therefore, it may be a good idea to ask your vet if a deworming with Drontal Plus for cats would be a good idea.  Drontal Plus or equivalent is available by prescription from your vet.

There are a number of congenital disorders of various organ systems that can contribute or cause failure to thrive, or failure to gain weight.  Please call your cat's breeder and ask if there are any problems in his blood line.  Hopefully, the breeder will answer.

You might also ask your vet for a canned Maximum calorie, high protein prescription diet to use as a therapeutic trial.  Other helpful supplements: Colostrum and Probiotics.  

Incidentally, oranges are not very palatable to cats.  You could try your home-made chicken recipe without the oranges and see if he likes it more.  A Vitamin C supplement can be used instead or the oranges in your recipe (if that is why you add oranges).  One oranges contains about 30 to 50 mg's of Vitamin C.
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