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What to do to water?

My dog is quite healthy. She has a healthy appetite, exercises a great deal and seems extremely healthy in general. But she pretty much REFUSES to drink plain water. I have tried bottled water, letting water sit in the frig, yet the only water she will drink is the water I mix in her gravy train food. I am glad I can get her to drink this much water but I know she needs to be drinking more. It hasn't affected her health so far and I would like to take care of this problem before it does. What should I do??
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Have you tried placing down bowls of low sodium chicken, beef, fish, or vegetable broths or dilute vegetable or low sugar fruit juices?  

If your dog absolutely refuses to drink anything you should only give canned food or a home made stew with lots of water.  Please eliminate all dry dog food.  Adding additional water to the canned food is also helpful, of course.  

Inadequate drinking may show up as kidney problems in the future.

If you would like the recipe for a home-made stew for your dog please post to Dr. Cheng.
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Please, worry about the food your feeding this guy instead of the water.......

Top 10 Ingredients In Gravy Train Dog Food

1.Corn (Minus 1 point): Inexpensive feed-grade used as filler.  Can include moldy grain or fungus which has caused death. Know to cause allergies in dogs.

2.Soybean meal (Minus 1 point): Dogs can not digest soybeans, can bloat/die. Causes allergies.

3.Beef and bonemeal (Minus 1 point): Bone meal can not be digested and assimilated as calcium!

4.Animal fat (Minus 1 point): Non-descriptive source indicates 4-D fat chemically preserved, difficult to digest, potentially carcinogenic. (Causes Cancer).

5.Animal digest (Minus 1 point): Rendered, by chemical and/or enzymatic process, non-descriptive animal tissues used for flavor. Animal Digest is basically Feces or Poop.

6.Salt (Minus 1 point): Used to cover up rancid meat and fat, can cause kidney and heart disease, hypertension -- used to encourage cats to drink, source of sodium chloride.

7.Cellulose gum (Minus 1 point):  Harsh on bowels, suspected to include recycled cardboard.

8.Caramel color (Minus 1 point):  Sugar-based or can be prepared by ammonia process associated with blood toxicity in lab rats. Coloring agents should never be used in Pet Food.

9.Potassium chloride (Plus 1 point): Standard source of potassium, balances acid/alkaline levels.

10.Bone phosphate (Minus 1 point):  Non-digestible source of calcium can lead to digestive upset. Can be from 4-D sources.

Ingredient analysis are based on the research and opinions created by a cooperative effort between pet food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman, N.D., Ph.D. (www.Azmira.com), Mike Adams (www.HealthRanger.org) and the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center (www.ConsumerWellness.org).

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