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What would you suggest? Dog with seizures

My dog started having seizures about 10 months ago. The vet first started him on thyroid medication, then later added Phenobarbital. He is taking 1 1/2 twice a day of Phenobarbital, and the thyroid medication 1 twice a day. He weights 56 pounds, he has gained about 7 pounds this year due mostly to me changing his food and the calories were too much for him.
I would like to know 1) what is a good ( not too costly) food for me to use for him that would support his thyroid, and keep the calories in check. I feed him twice a day, and maybe too many calorie snacks.
                            2) If you were increasing his thyroid level ( he does sleep more than the other two BC's I have)
What would you suggest I start with?

I cannot afford Potassium Bromide due to having two other dogs right now. I hate to admit it, but when cost play a factor I will have to really consider putting him down.

This BC seizures started with a fever, or inflammation, his head was burning up to the touch the day prior. His seizures had been happening more at night time during REM sleep. Just recently he started having them in the morning prior to medication, but last Friday he had one after he got medication, then another one, then I took him to the vet where he had another one. The day prior I had someone using the weed eater in my yard and this makes him very excited. I am now learning I need to keep him away from things like this.          

Thank you for your help                          
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The new thinking behind what to feed dog's these days is that dog's should eat what their ancestors ate, or close to it.   That is of course easier said than done.  Secondly, you get what you pay for, and that goes for dog food too.

Therefore, try to find a dog food that is as little processed as possible, that contains no rice, wheat, corn or soy, and DOES contain whole meats, fish or fowl.  Stay away from "hot or warm foods" in the case of seizures.  From an Traditional Veterinary Chinese Medical Stand point: Hot or warm foods can cause increased internal heat in seizures patients.  Commonly used hot foods in commercial diets include: venison, duck, beef, bison, kangaroo, potatoes and other starchy vegetables.

Dog Food Brands that I suggest are: Instinct, Taste of the Wild, Halo, Merrick's, Evo/Innova, Wellness, and Nature's Variety to name a few. There are many more good ones out there.  Please read the label carefully as all brands of dog food also have versions with  foods that may not be suitable.  Please purchase what you can afford while trying to observe the guidelines.   Try to use only canned versions since dry food must contain some carbohydrate to hold the kibble shapes.  Or, try to feed as much canned as possible if you must feed kibble.  

There is also a growing trend toward raw diets.  If you are interested please check the following link:  http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/best-dog-foods/raw-dog-food/

Your dogs T4 result is considered low for a Post T4 therapeutic level.  Please ask your vet if the dose can be raised.  His ideal thyroid replacement dose is the one in which he has the most reduction of symptoms of hypothyroid.  Excessive sleeping is a symptom of hypothyroid.  

There are Chinese veterinary herbal remedies that help as an adjunct to seizure therapy or even as a solo treatment in some cases.  These Chinese herbal remidies are less costly than Potassium Bromide.  If interested, please check in your area for a veterinarian that is versed in Chinese veterinary herbal formulas and acupuncture.
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I had to ask the vet about increasing the thyroid replacement, but once they looked at it they agreed. They suggested that I give him 1/2 pill in the morning with the one pill he is given twice a day. So far he seems to be feeling better. I wonder if it really should be done twice a day.
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