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angry rabbit

My rabbit is very angry & is always biting & scating me & my mom she is cleaned out,feed ,has toys,etc.she is ok when you do get to pick her up but she is not very nice when she is in her hutch.she is a femail miniture loop eared rabbit about 4 months old pleae help Lucy aged 11
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Hello Lucy,  I hope I can help you!  A lot of good information can be found on the House Rabbit Society websites.  Just google House Rabbit Society, or Search Behavioral Problems, Rabbits, and you will get lots of informative links.  

To answer your question:

You may have a hormonal problem,  or a territory problem, or both,  occuring.  The fact that your rabbit is nice when not in her hutch is territorial.  She is defending her hutch.  

But at 4 months of age your Rabbit's female hormones have develped and there may be some seasonal, going into heat problems.  This can be solved by spaying her.  However, if the problem is terratorial, than spaying will have little success on the behavioral issue.

And,  in that case,  behavioral modification techniques may help,  as follows from the following webpage:


See problem # 2

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