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cat wound

My cat had a small scab on her anterior neck.  She scratched it and by yesterday it was a dime-sized open wound.  I cleaned the wound and applied some antibiotic ointment.  By this morning it was larger ( she keeps scratching and licking the area)  Again, I cleaned it and applied ointment.  I also tried to contact our vet, but he didn't call back.  This evening the wound is even larger--about 1.5 x 2.5 cm.  The wound is pink, clean, and has no odor or discolored drainage. I have clipped and filed her claws, butr don't know what else to do.  An Elizabethan collar won't help, because the wound is right at the area that the edge would rest.  Any suggestions?  
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I don't know how old your cat is but if she is young the most likely cause is a cat scratch or bite would abscess, and since claws and teeth can penetrate deep into the skin and muscle she really needs systemic antibiotics.  I am sorry your vet did not call back, because even if he could not see her today he could have called in an RX for antibiotics to hold you over for the weekend.  In the mean time scrub the would very well with Betadyne scrub 3 times per day and rinse thoroughly.  Make sure that she continues to eat and drink, at least until your vet contacts you.  If it worsens you may need to take her to an emergency clinic where the wound may have to be debrided and repaired.
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