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Hi Doc,
For approx. the last five days my cat hasn't done a poo.
It is unusual for her as I never noticed this before.
She seems ok, meaning she hasn't lost her appetite though, is active as usual and does not show any sign of fever, nor is she complaining. She drinks normally as well.
Yesterday I gave her half a dosis of microlax (anal insertion) which should have helped but ... nothing.
This morning I called the vet clinic and have been told to give her some parafin oil in her food.
The vet told me to report by tomorrow if no improvement ... but this looked to me as answer from a busy doc in a clinic also doing E.R ...
I am worried as it has been lasting for a while now and I don't want to give her too much food if she cant eliminate it ...
She goes in the garden but usually doesn't do "this" there as she is used to her litter box.
Can you please advise me ?
Many thanks,
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Hello Patrick!

Your cat may need IV or Sub Cutaneous fluid therapy to help hydrate the colon to relieve the constipation as well as an enema.  This can be performed at your vet clinic.

Prevention is the most important treatment for chronic constipation.  Most cats with constipation have sub-clinical or clinical dehydration causing their feces to be very dry and painful when the cat defecates.  The more painful the defecation, the more the cat holds it in and the more dehydrated the feces becomes.

An all canned/wet diet is extremely important.  Adding a small amount of water to the wet food is recommended.  Having a kitty water fountain helps to entice cats to drink more often also.

A daily dose of Miralax once or twice daily is very helpful.  

Other important additions for the cat that is prone to constipation include:  
1.  An all meat, fish or poultry canned diet containing no grains,
2.  Omega 3 fatty acids,
3.  Probiotics such as Fortiflora,
4.  The constipation reliever: Only Natural Pet Laxa-Herb Herbal Formula  (ingredients: Licorice root, Cascara, Oregon Grape, Ginger, Raspberry Leaf,  Lobelia Herb, Turkey Rhubarb Root).  This product is available for purchase online and is highly recommended.
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