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crf, constipation

my cat was in the hospital for 3 days. She had constipation, was given an anema and 3 days of
IV hydration. When she came home she had an insatible appetite and lots of poop the next morning.
After I gave her the prescribed Epatikin she had 2 big bouts of diahrea and slowed down on her eating.
The next day she was obviosly in gastrointestinal distress and had another bout of diahrea. Now we are
back to square one. She is eating but not a lot and has pooped a few small hard poops in the five days since the
diahrea. She doesn't like pumkin or olive oil. What should I do now?

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No matter how much your cat drinks she could benefit from more liquid for both the CRF and for chronic constipation. You should purchase a cat water fountain if you don't already have one.  The best kind of kitty water fountain is the kind where the water squirts out of a faucet.  To further entice your cat to drink, you should also place down bowls of clam juice, bowls of dilute broths (chicken, turkey, beef, fish, etc), Milk, and tuna juice, etc.

Many of my owners with cats who have kidney disease and constipation give their cats sub-cutaneous fluids at home.  Ask your vet if he/she could teach you how to give your cat sub-cutaneous fluids at home.  This would always ensure adequate hydration.

Also, your cat should only eat canned grain-free cat food, with no dry food at all.  Adding fiber to a cat's diet is contraindicated these days, since most fiber supplements are grain derived.

A Chinese Veterinary Herbal Remedy which I find works quite well for constipation is: Herbal Constipation Relief for Cats [NHP1600C], available from PetHerbsDirect.com.  This is a mild product which is safe enough for long term use.
This product contains Chinese Rhubarb which is effective for constipation all by itself.  

If Herbal Constipation Relief for cats is ineffective there are stronger anti-constipation products available.  These products contain: Senna Seed or Cascara.  Please google for Over the Counter pet products containing this herb.  

Please also add Probiotics (Lactobacillus acidophilus)  and digestive enzymes to your cats food to help even further with the constipation problem.  

Nux Vomica 30c at 2 pellets per day is also helpful.

Lastly,  a daily dose of lactulose may help.

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